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Janis my anchor, my one & only love of my life.... If I am to be the auteur of that life, then she produced the film. Brittram my one & only beloved son, star of that film and a kindly reader. As is my lovely sister Judy, the word-processing magician, and my irrepressible brother Moose. Friend and steadfast correspondent Ron Fraser, expert reader, warmhearted editor and coach. David Isenberg, military consult, good natured reader and pragmatic editor who somehow remained a close friend despite this project. Dearly departed William J. Wood, who taught a skeptical kid that historical scrutiny was the best medicine for the generals. The late Gene La Roque, who provided perspective on national military policy and confirmation that Bill Wood was right. Molly, the master wrangler of draft manuscripts and tolerant side-kick. Ebullient Kateri, creative and kindhearted web designer who could read my mind. Charles Ferguson, indulgent friend and co-author of the published non-fiction seed from which these stories grew. Classmate and Major General Robert Scales who wisely guided that first article to publication.
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